Dental implant helps you live your best life by giving you new, permanent restorations without the pain and hassle of dentures. With these you don’t ever have to worry about eating or speaking after tooth loss again. No more embarrassment of dentures slipping or falling out. No more pain and frustration caused by ill=fitting prosthetics. You can be confident knowing that you have been given a smile makeover that can last a lifetime. You can eat what you want without worrying about damaging your fixed teeth!

Elsinore Smiles can help you have a better lifestyle without having to live with missing teeth or ones with tooth decay, or dentures that can shift and slip out. Dr. Aarti Puri has many years of experience and training. Read more about how Dental implants can restore your smile.

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Dental implants – Am I a good candidate?

  • Potential candidates should have good overall oral hygiene and be in good health.
  • Taking prescription drugs for diabetes or any other systemic medication  does not rule the treatment given that the condition is under control, and it does not lead to any oral and maxillofacial surgery risk.
  • There should be enough bone density present. If not, it can be surgically fixed with a graft. It may also be necessary for a sinus lift to move the sinus up and make room for bone grafting in the upper jaw.
  • Does not have any form of periodontal disease
  • Does not smoke or is willing to give up smoking during the Osseointegration period.
  • Should be committed and motivated to healthy lifestyle habits such as performing post-surgical visits and consultations, brushing, and flossing the teeth regularly. The American Dental Association advises that “careful oral hygiene is essential for the success of the implant.”

How long does a Dental implant last?

Lake Elsinore Tooth implantAccording to studies, the long-term success rate of implants is over 95%.

Here is a comparison of other tooth replacement options vs. Implants

Tooth replacement technologiesFlipperDenturesBridgeImplants
Longevity1-3 years5-7 years7-10 yearsLifetime
Preservation of healthy adjacent teethYesYesNoYes
Transmission of force to:adjacent teethadj teeth/gumsadjacent teethbone
Prevent bone loss & preserve facial appearanceNoNoNoYes
Requirement for periodic adjustmentsYesYesYesNo
Accelerated loss of adjacent teethYesYesYesNo

Source: Premium Tooth Replacement , Deutsche Bank, January 26, 2006

Lake Elsinore All-on-4 dental implant

This treatment replaces all of the teeth on an upper or lower jaw, or both, with a permanent, bridge or denture atop at least a minimum of four implants. The specialist inserts the four implants into the arch, and the dentures are then secured to them. Although the process of osseointegration will take some time, the patient isn’t without their teeth. Many patients who have used removable dentures have chosen to replace them with implant supported dentures. 

Same day dental implant

Unlike the conventional type that can require weeks between when the implants are placed and the crowns are put on, same day restorations can be done in one appointment. This means that patients can start enjoying life immediately, like smiling, speaking normally, and even eating their favorite foods again. You don’t have to live a single day without teeth. 

Dental implant cost in Lake Elsinore

Tooth dental implant in Lake ElsinoreThey, on average, cost more than traditional dentures. It can vary depending on the type, the location, and especially the skill of the doctor performing the procedure. Because there are so many ways they can be used to restore teeth, there are many options, each with their own considerations

  • Single Tooth
    • a Single Tooth Implant costs between $1,500 and $6,000, including the crown and abutment. 
  • Multiple teeth
    • For patients missing more than one, replacing multiple missing teeth are between $3,000 and $10,000, and could be up to $30,000 for multiple high-quality implants. The price depends on how many teeth are missing and their location.
  • Full mouth sets
    • For patients who are missing all or most of the teeth on one or both jaws, a complete restoration can be done.

Other costs to consider: 

  • Digital X-Rays or CT Scan – Using CAD/CAM dentistry technology is required to see the condition of the jawbone and remaining teeth, if any, as well as the location and angle to be placed. An Implant CT Scan usually amounts to a $150 value. 
  • Bone graft – This may be necessary if the density of the jawbone is not sufficient to support one. Sometimes a sinus lift is also required. 
  • Dental extraction – It may be necessary to pull any remaining teeth before a full or partial mouth restoration.

Implant Components Pricing:

They have three components, each with their own price tag, which when combined make up the total price of the procedure:

  • Implant – this screw-like hardware is made from zirconia or titanium and is placed in the jawbone. Single Implant cost averages between $1,600 – $2,000
  • Abutment – this component screws on. Abutment costs between $275 and $450 on average
  • Crown – this the tooth portion. a high quality Implant Crown can average between $1,000 and $3,000 each

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