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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® can be described as a system of custom, removable transparent aligners worn in the upper as well as lower jaws for straightening teeth. In contrast to the usual metal or else ceramic braces, aligners are not attached to the teeth, are almost invisible, and can be easily removed when speaking, eating, or brushing. We are going to give you a set of transparent aligners that you must wear for approximately two weeks. These aligners are designed to apply pressure on the teeth, causing the desired movement that will correct openbite, crossbite, overbites, and underbite. After a couple of weeks, the old Invisalign aligners you are using will have accomplished their purpose and will then be replaced with a fresh set.

Invisalign Lake Elsinore

How are Invisalign® put in?

The following procedure is observed and, because of the most modern installation techniques, all of the steps are done in one visit:

  • Initial Consultation – Consultation involves a two-way process. A dentist near you is going to initially examine you and then determine whether or not the aligners are suitable for you. The dentist will also evaluate whether you should be provided with the adult aligners or with the teen version. During the evaluation, you may ask questions regarding your concerns; for instance, the cost, the treatment duration, and whether you can see a simulated version of how your smile is going to look like when the treatment is completed. However, it would be sensible to ask these questions beforehand as well as how much the consultation cost is going to be.
  • Records Evaluation – To start the actual process you will have to provide certain details about your teeth in order to come up with the following records:
    • Impression along with Digitization – We are going to take precise impressions of the teeth as they actually are. This may be accomplished with the use of impression putty, which will then be digitized into a computer with special software installed. A better method would be reading off three-dimensional optical data directly from the mouth into the computer if such facilities are at hand.
    • Bite registration – We will also create a record of your bite; for instance, how the teeth in the upper and lower jaws pair together.
    • Dental x-rays – X-rays enable an oral surgeon to assess the bone of the jaw and the roots of the teeth—jawbone health and existing root positioning. A panoramic x-ray or else a complete mouth series, or perhaps both, will be taken.
    • Photographs – Several pictures will be required to include the front as well as side photos, front and side close-up photos of the closed teeth, as well as close-up photos of your dental arches at the top and below. All of these data together with the dentist’s recommendations will be forwarded to Invisalign®.
    • Treatment simulation – We are going to show on screen a simulation of the teeth as it goes through the different phases of realignment and as they slowly shift. Such a simulation is going to be sent back to us by your dentist for any amendments or a concluding yes. You can also take a look at this simulation along with the definite position of your smile via computer imaging with the agreement of your dentist. This will be part of the treatment plan for your desired straightening.
    • Fabrication and delivery – Once the dentist has given the go signal for the treatment or has modified it, the aligners will be fabricated with the use of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Your dentist will be the one to give you the aligners.
  • How long must the aligners be worn- The total length of treatment is dependent on how severe the case maybe. Generally, treatment lasts for more than a year. The Invisalign aligners must be worn for a couple of weeks and for as many hours as possible during the day and at night. However, the aligners maybe taken out if you want to eat, brush your teeth, or clean them.

Invisalign® Benefits

This alignment system was designed by an Information Technology engineer who got tired of having to frequently visit the dentist in order for him/her to adjust the tension in the braces. The other advantages of the system are as follows:

  • Invisibility – Considering that it is made of transparent medical grade plastic, the aligners are almost unrecognizable. This is one of the two foremost advantages, which is similar to the other systems such as the clear braces or invisible braces. There is only one superior device and that is the lingual braces, but they are quite expensive as well.
  • Removable – A different advantage is they are removable, which means you will be able to remove as well as reinstall your Invisalign® aligners on your own. This becomes necessary whenever you have to eat and clean your aligners. You can also install the subsequent aligners without any help. This cuts down the number of visits to your dentists, saving you from the inconvenience and the need to travel very often.
  • Cleaning – The aligners are easy to clean as they are removable. As such, they will not interfere with the habitual oral hygiene tasks like flossing and brushing.
  • Personal Hygiene is Easy – Brushing along with flossing the teeth are not too difficult since the aligners can be easily removed. You can brush and floss as you normally would, and then put the aligners back in.
  • More affordable compared to lingual braces – It makes use of cutting edge technology when planning the treatment and in making the aligners. While it is more expensive than the usual braces, it still is more affordable compared to lingual braces.
  • Comfort – If you go for braces, you are going to be tied. The braces are not removable and you will need a dentist to remove them for you. With aligners, you can remove or wear them whenever necessary. Additionally, these aligners are less painful and are more comfortable.
  • Safety – Since braces are fabricated out of metallic wires they are likely to have prickly edges. In contrast, the aligners will not have any sharp edges because they are made out of plastic material.
  • Damage to the Teeth and Gums is Reduced – The usual braces could lead to demineralization in addition to gum disease because they are difficult to clean. This is, however, not an issue with the aligners.
  • Extent of Treatment- It usually takes a year to a year and a half for the treatment to be completed, which is less than the usual time compared to braces.
  • You will Have an Idea of the Expected Result – You will be able to preview the result through a screen simulation.

According to wikipedia, “Clear-aligner treatment involves a dentist, or with home-based systems, the person themselves, taking a mold of the patient’s teeth, which is used to create a digital tooth scan.” Talk with your orthodontist so they can assess your dental needs and be able to decide whether Invisalign for adults is appropriate or you.

What is Invisalign® Teen?

They were originally invented only for adults and that is due to its unique design concept. Each aligner features a plastic shell that closely fits into all the teeth of a particular jaw, leaving no place for them to erupt during the treatment period. As such, youngsters were inhibited to use Invisalign® since their teeth are still erupting. By the time it became popular as a result of its multiple benefits when compared to braces, particularly in aesthetics, it was then necessary to make something for the young ones as well. Thus, Invisalign® Teen was developed. These tabs are left in sections wherein a tooth is yet likely to erupt. As eruption takes place, the tab gets broken to allow the new tooth to break out and develop. So, the benefit is maintained while allowing the eruption of new teeth at the same time. We offer Invisalign for Teens in Lake Elsinore CA.

Orthodontic treatment is yet to be indicated for pediatrics or for patients who are still very young. There are, however, dental braces for kids available for these cases.

How to Care for Invisible Aligners

The Invisalign® orthodontics system can provide you with a beautiful smile, but you have to take good care of them while using them. Otherwise, it will become a haven for bacteria that can result to cavities as well as gum disease. Caring for it is very simple though—you simply have to keep your mouth and your braces clean. This is easy because it is removable and you can put them back on at anytime. The Do’s and Don’ts are as follows:


  • Cleaning the Aligners Effectively – Take out the aligners and gently brush them on a regular basis. Plaque together with dry saliva can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Soak the aligners in a sanitizing solution then rinse well. You can wash the aligners as well with lukewarm water. Never use boiling water for cleaning because it can alter their form and they are not going to fit into your mouth anymore.
  • Maintenance of Oral Hygiene – Always brush and floss your teeth before reinserting your aligners. This is to avoid catching stuff that can cause tooth decay or gum diseases.
  • Travel Precautions – Bring your old set as well as the next one with you every time you travel. Use any of those if you happen to damage or lose the set that you are currently using.


  • Foods to Avoid – Do not consume food or drinks, other than water, while wearing the aligners. A number of foodstuff will stain these aligners.
  • Never Use Toothpaste – Never use toothpaste for cleaning. A lot of kinds of toothpaste contain abrasives that can scratch the aligners, while some have whitening chemicals that can cause discoloration. Do not leave your aligners on while eating, but soak them in an appropriate solution instead.
  • Do not Drop – Aligners are quite fragile and also have a tendency to fracture easily when accidentally dropped. So, see to it that they are kept someplace safe from falling whenever you are not using them. Mouthguards maybe unnecessary for transparent aligners since they are to be removed when engaging in sports activities.

Make an appointment with our office to know more if you are near Lake Elsinore or around the area.

Invisalign® Cost

The cost will vary, depending on the case. A primary factor would be the severity of misalignment that needs to be corrected. The locality where you would like to obtain treatment is another consideration. Certain parts in the US are intrinsically more expensive when it comes to service fees. Some dentists may charge higher than others within the same area, and this is usually determined by their expertise as well as reputation.

In general, the cost Invisalign ranges from $3500 and $8000. We will provide you with an estimated treatment cost during consultation. Some of the costs may be covered by your insurance company. There are a number of insurance plans that cover costs for orthodontic treatment, such as braces, etc. It will be sensible to explore the different insurance options that are available. If you are near Lake Elsinore, CA, contact us today to know more about the cost of the treatment.

Invisalign, Lake Elsinore, CA

Schedule an appointment now at our nearby Lake Elsinore dental office for professional orthodontic treatment as well as cosmetic dentistry for yourself and your entire family. The dentists in our team are experts in the installation of Invisalign and they will reward you with a beautiful smile.

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