Partial Dentures for Missing Teeth

Teeth are an essential gift of nature to everyone. They are essential for having solid foods, give you a beautiful smile, and help you to speak properly. Your oral health also has the potential to affect your general health and well-being. However unfortunate incidents can occur without warning leaving you in pain. You can lose one or more teeth to an extraction, accident, disease, or because of ongoing poor oral hygiene.

The removal of your teeth causes gaps which have an awkward and an unpleasant appearance. Our dentists have several solutions and procedures in the form of artificial and bridges for patients who may have lost one of the most of their natural teeth. Artificial can be semi-or complete [traditional], depending upon the number of missing teeth that need to be replaced. Partial dentures can help restore your ability to chew, eat, and bring back your smile. They also help to maintain the contours of your face, reduce the risk of gum disease, and prevent shifting of your teeth. Besides they are also helpful to release excessive stress on your jaw.

Lake Elsinore Partial Dentures

This type of dental service is used when the patient has lost just one or a few teeth in a row. The number of artificial required is constructed on a metal framework which simply closes the gap. Alternatively, the base can also be constructed from gum-colored plastic which may even be flexible. They get support from the neighboring healthy teeth either through wire clasps or by attachment to crowns on the support teeth. Patients will have an opportunity to remove the fixture by themselves and also reinsert the same after cleaning when wire clasps are used. In the latter instance, the false teeth are fixed and are identified as bridges. The artificial teeth need to be manufactured from acrylic in a color to match the remaining healthy teeth in the mouth.

Partials Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Different needs are served by partial and full dentures. If just a few teeth need to be replaced their benefits outweigh the merits of the other type. Mentioned below are the major differences which you will observe.

  • Traditional completes are used when the patient has lost most of his or her teeth in the jaw. Partial sets will replace two or three consecutive teeth in a jaw.
  • Partials are beneficial because the existing natural teeth in the mouth are retained. Only the missing teeth will be replaced. Full sets will need all existing teeth in the jaw to be removed.
  • They can be removed or fixed. In the latter case, they are known as bridges. Dental bridges can also be supported on implants and are identified as implant-supported bridges. Completes are generally removable.
  • The cost of this type of prosthetics is significantly lower whereas the complete set will cost much higher.
  • Retention and stability of semi prosthetics are significantly greater than its traditional counterpart because they can support from the adjacent natural teeth as well as the oral soft tissues and jawbone. On the other hand, traditional sites are entirely dependent upon soft tissues and the jawbone for their retention.

Materials used for Partial Dentures

Distinctive varieties of removal partials are available which have been created by using materials of different types. You and your dentist can together decide which type you would be most comfortable with, most esthetic, and available at an affordable cost. You have an option to choose from one of the following types.

  • Cast Metal Removable — This is the most common type available. Cast metal removable are beneficial because they are strong and durable. They are attached to the supporting teeth via metallic wire clasps but more aesthetic attachments will require a higher price to be paid. Cast metal removable can last for a long time proper care is provided to them by the patient.
  • Acrylic Removable — This is also known as a “flipper” and is the most affordable variety which is available. The acrylic removable is not considered as superior as a cast metal semi-denture. The reason for this difference is because the acrylic base must be taken bulky for minimizing the risks of breakage. It is attached to the supporting teeth with metal clasps which are visible during talking and smiling. Generally, the Flipper is a temporary solution which is provided during the time the actual restoration is being prepared. However, people can also use the flipper for years.
  • Flexible — The flexible is a convenient option for patients who are uncomfortable with the rigid base of cast metal or acrylic. The base is thin and is manufactured from heat sensitive and flexible nylon material. The clasps are made from thin gum-colored wires which are inserted into spaces between the existing teeth. Therefore it is comfortable and appears very natural allowing them to be worn for a long time.
  • Fixed Bridge — A fixed bridge is an excellent restoration for an individual who simply needs replacing one or two missing teeth. It consists of artificial teeth with a crown on either side which fit onto the healthy teeth for support. The teeth selected for the crowns must be trimmed slightly to accommodate the thickness of the crown. As suggested by the name this is a permanent fixture. It can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth and the space beneath the bridge also needs to be cleaned. The cleaning can increase the sensitivity in those teeth. For avoiding this problem Maryland bridge makes a direct connection to the support teeth but is not aesthetically pleasing as expected by most people. The descriptions provided above are primarily for partial dentures of front teeth. When the patients back molars are required to be artificial the support needed may only be available on one side and a cantilever bridge may have to be used.
  • Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge — An implant-supported bridge will not damage existing teeth during the attachment. The implant or implants can act as natural roots in the jawbone. The number of teeth is not limited to just two or three. With a sufficient number of implants screwed into the jawbone at well-calculated locations and angulation’s a full arch or full mouth restoration can be completed which can appear highly aesthetic. A greater number of implants may be needed for the lower jaw as compared to the upper jaw. The implant-supported bridge is a permanent solution devoid of the limitations of conventional false teeth. Implant-supported bridges, as well as full prosthetic teeth, are becoming extremely popular despite their higher costs precisely for this reason.

We recommend implant-supported removable or fixed services because they are not only extremely durable but prosthesis of these types are also highly comfortable with an appearance and feel like your natural teeth. However, in our dentistry, we will help you to decide which is the most suitable dental service for you.

Our Experienced Dentists Will Help You With Your New Set of New Teeth

According to NIH.Gov: “denture use is associated with lower chances of musculoskeletal frailty among older Americans”. Getting a set of artificial teeth made by an inexperienced dentist may not have as drastic a prognosis but is certain to cause perpetual long-term discomfort accompanied even by social embarrassment. Getting a beautiful smile with proper functionality in chewing and speaking is also important although it can be unaffordable. Especially when choosing the currently fashionable implant-supported bridges it is essential to find a qualified and experienced dentist who is also reputed because he or she will be able to replace your teeth without the need to undergo major surgery or teeth extractions. We can not only help you find the best option available but can also assist you with any concerns or questions on the cost and treatment you will have along the way.

Partial Dentures Lake Elsinore, CA

You can obtain the most comfortable partial replacement teeth as well as a positive experience in Lake Elsinore nearby Wildomar and Canyon Lake. Let us provide you with a new set of teeth along with a perfect smile! We can safely comment that you will be well cared for! Therefore visit us today and let us provide you with the dental care you deserve.

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